A Quick Look at Anil Kapoor’s Life and Career

Anil Kapoor Biography Life and Career

The sixty-three years old young actor, as you may call him. Anil Kapoor has contributed fulsome to the booming hindi film industry of India.

As an actor full time and later a producer in this arena, he has set the trails for many to come after him. Know more about him in this Anil Kapoor biography life and career exclusive article.

He is remembered for his movies like Tezaab, Mr. India, and Beeta. Even today he is given the name of Mr. India. His work is not just limited to Bollywood. He has made successful entries in other industries as well, including Hollywood.

Anil Kapoor Biography Life and Career of a Star

As the name suggests, his family has been known for its contribution to the Indian movie industry. Names like Bonny Kapoor and Sridevi come to mind.

The next generation in the family has also reserved a place for itself with talent and hard work. This includes the name of Sonam Kapoor and likes.

Anil Kapoor was born on December 24th in 1956 in present-day Mumbai India. His schooling is from Our Lady of Perpetual Succor High School and later graduated from St. Xavier’s college.

His inclination towards the acting was from the very beginning. Starting from school days.

This is why he eagerly participated in the dramas and competitions. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father a Bollywood struggler tried his best for a breakthrough in the industry.

Thus the desire for this world was inherent in him. He worked in a movie at the age of 12, yet the movie never saw the light of release day. Thus it was lost in the callous affairs of the time.

This too prevented him from becoming a known person in the entertainment industry. But destiny could not stop him for long. The flame of achievement burned bright and the world saw a star, not a lesser-known but Mr. India to say the least.

Anil Kapoor Family

The family he belonged to identifies itself as Punjabi. Names like Surinder Kapoor and Nirmal Kapoor the legendary producers of their time.

His elder brother Boney Kapoor another famous producer in the industry. His brother Sanjay Kapoor also played in many movies. Reena Kapoor is the sister of the two brothers Anil Kapoor and Sanjay.

He married Sunita Bhambhani on 19th May 1984. She was a costume designer and a former model. They parent three children. This includes a son named Harshvardhan who is an actor and two daughters the famous actress Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor a film producer by profession.

His Affairs

Affairs are one of the important detials that fans want to know about their favorite star. So, how can we miss that in Anil Kapoor Biography.

At one time the love story of the Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit was talk of the town and it faded gradually. He has been associated with many names throughout the time.

Another favorite mention is the Kimi Kathkar, with whom his affair caught considerable attention. Finally, he settled for Sunita Bhambhani. He fell in love with her voice over a phone call, and later their relation turned into a permanent relationship.

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Anil Kapoor Career

His debut was in a cameo for the movie Hamare Tumhare. Later after a long struggle, he got a role in movie Wo Saat Din. The movie was a success and he became a star in a fortnight. Yet the films like Mashall and Meri Jung were the real flicks that catapulted him to the stage of fame.

Since then he never looked backed and started garnering accolades for his work and performance. Later, Mr. India became such a blockbuster that, he is recognized by the title.

All these movies apart, Pukar was the film that won him critic’s praise and he was showered with awards and titles. Five major awards fell into his lap for this single famous film of its time. This made him the talk of the Bollywood town, which he still maintains.

Anil Kapoor as a Producer

His stint as a producer in the industry has given many titles to the entertainment industry. These include Badhaii Ho Badhaii in 2002, and Gandhi My Father.

He was also part of the famous movies like Slumdog Millionaire a British Production. The movie won four Golden Globe Awards with ten Oscar nominations.

His other Hollywood participations include Series 24, Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol.

Apart from being an actor and a producer, he is a trained classical singer. Even he sang a song for his movie Wo Saat Din by the title ‘Pyaar Kya Nahi Jaata’ and later sang Chameli Ki Shadi.

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