Are you looking forward to watching a family-oriented drama film this weekend? Read this post to know more about the Rangamarthandan movie OTT release date, its storyline, cast and about the OTT platform it will be released.

Key takeaways:

  • You will get to see excellent performances by the lead stars.
  • It has been acquired by Amazon Prime for digital streaming and is currently available for paid subscribers of Prime Video.
  • The family drama is a must-watch recommendation that is likely to give you some points to ponder about the perspective of life.


You will find the movie relatable in many aspects. Millions can relate to the fact that individuals work tirelessly for decades to make a career of accomplishments, success and satisfaction, as well as to support and provide for their families as family heads. Once you get to the top, you may find yourself alone. Rangamarthanda is based on a similar storyline that gets on the hook despite not having commercial elements. You will get to see the ups and downs seen commonly in a middle-class family. The movie has successfully demonstrated the change in family dynamics that comes with marriage offspring in a household. Each couple becomes an individual unit with the possibility of self-centeredness.

It seems Rangamarthanda took inspiration from the Marathi film called Natsamrat which is also based on the story of an elderly couple being mistreated by their children.


Raghava Rao has spent decades of his life, establishing himself as a prominent theatre artist. His career is hailed as a successful one. But as they say, all good things shall come to an end. As he has now grown old, he decides to retire from the theatre to spend quality time with his and later, apportions his fortune and assets among his offspring. Unfortunately, Raghava Rao and his wife face mistreatment from their children.

The rest of the story is about what becomes of the family as the distance grows and drama intensifies.

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The protagonist as a theatrical star is Raghava Rao whose role is played by the dynamic actor Prakash Raj. The role of his son, Ranga Rao and daughter-in-law, Geeta are performed by Adarsh Balakrishna and Anasuya Bharadwaj respectively. The role of Raghava’s wife named Raju Garu who has been with him through thick and thin is performed by Ramya Krishna.

The writer of the movie is Mahesh Manjrekar while Krishna Vamsi has blown soul into the dialogue delivery through his direction. The movie is produced under the banner of Housefull Movies and Raja Shyama Entertainment.


The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the movie through the subscription modality of the Prime Video OTT platform.

Movie NameRangamarthanda
OTT Platform/ Digital RightsAmazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date7 April 2023
Cinema Release Date22 March 2023
Lead StarsPrakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, Brahmanandam, Ali Reza and Anasuya Bharadwaj


The official trailer premiered on 20 March 2023. The comments are positive and emotional


What is the OTT release date?

The OTT release date is 7 April 2023

What is the best place to watch?

Any place of convenience.

Which company bought OTT rights?

The OTT rights have been acquired by Amazon Prime Videos.

Is it a flop or a hit?

It is currently doing good at the box office. The audience rating given by fans on IMDb is 4.

Can I watch it on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix

Can I watch it on Prime Videos?

Yes, it is available on Prime Videos.

Can I watch on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer this movie.

Can I watch it on Hotstar?

No, it is not acquired digitally by Hotstar.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

Final thoughts:

In our opinion, Rangamarthanda has given a superb narration about the life of a theatre artist, the drifting apart of a family and its toll on the family heads or parents in Telugu culture. The audience has accoladed a special appreciation for the performances given by Prakash Raj and Bramhanandam, which is likely to leave you in tears – especially for the emotional scenes recorded in the hospital.

Both critics and audiences have declared the movie as one of the best family-drama genre movies in the Telugu industry.

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