Amazon Prime’s Penguin Movie Review: Only They Say it’s a Thriller

Penguin Movie Review

Before we start the Penguin movie review, here is something we want to know. What crosses your mind with a look at the name of this Tamil flick? If it is a vivid image of a cute bird then stop right here. Then it is time to watch the trailer of this 2020 flick to get a shock of thrill.

Actually to put it in a single sentence Penguin is not a fish and its namesake Penguine movie 2020, if you put it to the test of thriller movie standard traits, is not a thriller.

This movie by Amazon Prime begins with a convincing and engaging pick-up, until it losses the trail and derails into boring territory. Struggling in between to find the track right till the end.


It is a story of a mother called Rhythm who is in pursuit of her kidnapped son. The role played by Keerthy Suresh is the strongest point of the movie, who you will find looking for her lost son Ajay.

The writer-Director Eashvar Karthic’s this attempt is filled with anxiety and disquiet ambiances, which work as a herald of not so pleasant events unfolding in the story later.

This tale of the tussle between evil and good is filmed in Kodaikanal giving it a mysterious atmosphere. The story envelops the struggles of a pregnant woman in search of her missing child, with a gloomy package of mild horror and apprehension. This woman wandering around for the child has a delivery due in the next two months.

Poor Ajay is abducted by someone wearing a Charlie Chaplin mask when he was two years old. There are pieces of Ajay’s body and the clothes he wore on the day of kidnap have been found in the jungle. This suggests that he might be dead.

But one fine day. He returns mysteriously. But this one, who has returned does not look like the one who was taken away at the age of two. He’s more feral than a normal child, is he the wild child now? His unwillingness to speak says a lot about his troubles.

At the same time the Mask wearing kidnapper returns as well.

Now, the struggle for the pregnant mother begins. She is cornered in a bungalow in a secluded place with no human settlements nearby. But fortunately, she is not alone. Her husband, the returned mute son, and her loyal Labrador ‘Cyrus’ are her company.

On the other hand, the return of Ajay and another kidnapping of a little girl in the vicinity have not caught the proper attention of the police authorities. They are not cooperating and for them, a proper investigation into the matter seems a waste of their resources.

In these circumstances, Rhythm is the most concerned person and she takes up the task of putting the strings in order, and find the ends of the mystery to unfold the reality behind her child’s situation.

How will she do that? Would she be successful? You can watch the movie to find out the outcome of her quest for answers.

However, it is worth mentioning here that the movie having a dark subject is not as evil as one might expect from the settings and early story developments.

At the same time, it is derided of the emotional currents that are essential to make the happenings in the movie more than a farce lackadaisical portrayal.

The movie is dominated by gaps and lacunas with an end that fails to impress and keep to the definitions of the genre it is supposed to be included in.

Yet the only strength is the visuals of this two-hour twelve-minute movie, which carry this unconvincing tale to the conclusion in a somewhat attractive way.

At the same time, the performance by Keerthy and her son Ajay played by Advaith are other strong points to consider in this Penguine Movie 2020.

Penguin Movie Rewiew

Director: Eashvar Karthic

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