Shazam 2 ott release date and much more!

In this post, you will read about Shazam 2 OTT release date, its storyline, cast and about the OTT platform it will be released.

Key takeaways:

  • So far, no official announcement has been made about the digital release.
  • Furthermore, the OTT release dates are yet to be announced.


Shazam is back this time with reinforcement – his Shazam Fam. The movie is directed by David Samberg and co-created by Henry Gayden, bringing an action-packed and brisk narrative. The audience is seeking a more focused and satisfying screenplay which according to the critics, hasn’t been delivered. We see the cameo appearance of Wonder Woman.


Shazam! Fury of the Gods basically narrates the story of Billy Batson, a young man who can transform into a superhero called Shazam. He is at a stage of self-doubt and a coming-of-age crisis as he is turning 18 and probably move out. As the daughters of the Titan Atlas sneak into the Acropolis Museum in Athens to steal the Wizard’s broken staff to make its powers functional.

With their aims set to avenge their father, previously killed by the Wizard. Billy and his foster siblings, famously referred to as the Shazamily or Shazam Fam, confront the Titan’s daughters to rescue Freddy Freeman, whose powers were taken from him. The daughters incarcerate Freddy and the Wizard in the Gods’ realm and erect an invincible dome around the city, trapping everyone within.

Billy challenges the daughters to recover the Golden Apple, which they intend to use to reawaken their domain or annihilate Earth. The climax of the movie features a confrontation at Citizens Bank Park, where Billy vanquishes Kalypso and Ladon, obliterating the Tree of Life and Kalypso’s army but giving up his own life.

Billy’s family mourns his death but surprisingly he is brought to life again by Diana Prince, who infuses the staff with her power. Ultimately, Billy and his foster siblings regain their powers.

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The lead stars are Zachaery Levi as Billy, Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Jack Dylan as Freddy Freeman, Meagan Good as Super Hero Darla, Grace Caroline Currey as Mary Bromfield and Jovan Armand as Pedro Pena.

The movie is directed by David Sandberg who has also created the movie, Annabelle. The producer is Peter Safran, accredited with Aquaman and the Suicide Squad.


Movie NameShazam! Fury of the Gods
OTT PlatformTo be announced
OTT Release DateTo be announced
Cinema Release Date17 March 2023
Lead StarsZachery Levi, Asher Angel, Rachel Ziegler
DirectorDavid F. Sandberg


The official movie trailer was released on 23 July 2022. It has received more than 18 million views so far.


What is the Shazam 2 OTT release date?

It is yet to be announced.

Which company bought OTT rights?

No official announcement yet.

Is it a flop or a hit?

We can’t suggest it.

Can I watch it on Netflix?

It is not available on Netflix as of today.

Can I watch it on Prime Videos?

It is not available on Amazon Prime as of today.

Can I watch on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer this movie.

Can I watch it on Hotstar?

No, it is not acquired digitally by Hotstar.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Final thoughts:

In our opinion, the most well-noted feature of this film is the CGI and VFX immersion. Besides that, Shazam seemed to be out of tone in terms of his humour. Otherwise, the movie provides a save-the-world plot in an entertaining way.

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Shazam 2 ott release date and much more!
Shazam 2 ott release date

Director: David F. Sandberg

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