Top 15 Movie Websites for Mobile and Laptop

Movie Download Websites

We live in a world of the fast internet one of the benefits of this reliable fast access is that we can find sources of entertainment with ease. If you are a movie enthusiast here is the list of the top 15 movie download websites for mobile and Laptop.

The proliferation of the internet counted the days of CDs and DVDs, now most users access entertainment content, such as movies, seasons, and dramas on their devices such as mobile and personal computers.

So people ask, what are the top movie download sites available currently on the internet? You don’t need to go anywhere else because we have brought you the top 15 such sites for you in this article that you can access on mobile and personal computers.

Top 15 Movie Download Websites

When you search for a movie download you will see a long list of websites displayed on your screen. But finding the best ones which provide reliable quality content is not an easy task.

Out of this list, most would be giving you low-quality film content with the screen filled with advertisements. We don’t want you to end up on such a site. And that’s why we have come up with the list.

Another option for you is to watch movies online. The websites also provide an online streaming option that enables you to watch HD movies directly on the sites using your mobile phone or computer device. So you might want to check out this option as well.

Without further delay, let’s jump to our list of top websites.


Sony Crackle offers a great collection of movies for free in high-quality formats. This list is not limited to films, but it also includes great TV Shows. Most of the free content here is exclusive and you might not find it on other platforms.

The website provides legal content from big production houses, which include Universal Studios, Fox Digital, Warner Bros, etc., and definitely, in terms of legal content, this site is one of the tops on the list.

To enjoy the free content you must sign up to their site and choose the categories you are interested in, then Crackle will generate recommendations for you according to your taste ranging from action, comedy, horror, Sci-Fi, drama, thriller, and many more.

Sony Crackle also provides content form mobiles and smartphone devices that can be accessed by simply downloading their app from the Android or IOS app stores.


This is no doubt one of the best sites on the internet. It does not just provide movies and videos. It is home to millions of free music, books, software, and websites as well. is, actually, a library in digital form that has around 362 billion archived webpages.

If you are interested in finding the movie that you have been looking for a while on the net, but cannot find it, here is a chance to get it. Give it a try.


This is relatively a new site, but with a lot of potential to top the list in the near future. The site gives you access to hundreds of latest and interesting movies from different years, genres, and types.

The site has the option to watch the movie that you have selected online as well. The online-streaming option can be accessed on your smartphone or any other device as well.


You must have heard of it, if not using it. It holds the title of most visited video website. In recent times YouTube has evolved considerably. It is becoming a hub of free ad-supported video content for users.

Hollywood or Bollywood or any other film industry from the world, the site has something to offer for you. With its easy to streaming and smooth options, it is one of the best alternatives to the premium sites offering content on subscription.


If you are a real movie enthusiast, you must have come across this website somewhere sometime. It is a top priority site for watching as well as downloading high-quality flicks.

The name YIFY is derived from the founder Yiftach Swery’s name. The defining feature of the site is providing HD format videos with minimum size. This has of course made YIFY a buzz among the movie watchers.


This is an Indian site dedicated to content from the entertainment industry. Launched by STAR INDIA the site offers content for download and online streaming. Apart from films, HOTSTAR offers you TV Shows and much more.

It has an extensive list of flicks for the viewers. By installing their app on the mobile phone, you can access the fine and latest content that you might not find anywhere else.


The site does not provide its own content but gives you the option to download videos content that you can convert into any format of your liking. allows you to download videos from other sites like Viemo, YouTube, Hotstar via its own platform.

The simple way to download is to copy the content URL in the site from any source and find the download link instantly.


 this is a torrent website and the best feature it flaunts it that it is the hub of legal content, offering a wide collection of films and videos for free download.

It finds the movies that have not been copyright renewed and available, and provide it to the users.

It has with time accumulated a huge collection of movies ranging from horror, musical, drama, westerners, etc. in varying formats according to the needs and requirements of the visitors.

You can find the most popular and recently added movies on the user-friendly interface of the website.


 this is another legal website offering free content options for the visitors. Here, you can find a number of links to sites like 123movies, Megashare, gomovies, Putlocker, allmyvideos, and

Sockshare, etc.

The website does not contain any media on its servers and this makes it free from any legal or

copyright liability.


On YouTube, the Korean Film Archive is a hidden room, which of course for film followers a treasure cave. If you are a BTS fan, surely, many other fine movies and drama productions are coming from that country.

This is an official channel on YouTube containing over 250 Korean movies and TV shows, dating from 1930 to the present day. Some of these with global fame include Aimless Bullet, Sopyonje,  A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball, The Day a Pig Fell into the Well, etc.

The content comes with English subtitle and you can watch these fine productions for free or download to your mobiles.


The site MovieFoundOnline is home to independent films, TV shows, free movies, and funniest of the comedy shows online.

You can find an extensive list of movies and short films as well as documentaries on the site that include classical and latest.


This is a go-to spot for the fans of Indie films. The site is known for streaming films in this genre. To keep up with its rising popularity, the site has been given a new interface revamping from the older version.

Launched in 2015, the Le Cinéma Club aims to promote and encourage the latest talent in the industry by providing them with the required exposure, which is not possible for most of them in the mainstream.

The website streams one new movie each week, do check out the site to find some fine work by the emerging artists.


This site came late into the arena but has captured significant video users’ attention. It offers many free movies for viewers.

One of the best features of the sites is, its extremely user-friendly interface. In addition to movies, the site offers short movies and documentaries.

You can get more content from the site as it offers content on demand that includes movies and TV shows, but here you have to pay charges to view the content.


This site has a unique TV layout for the users and provides access to more than 85 channels. Pluto TV divides these channels into various categories for the users including our favorite movies.

Where you can watch the latest as well as classic shows in your free or leisure time. Other categories include news, technology, sports, TV Shows, etc.

The website provides a mobile app for smartphone users to access the content. And not to forget its movie channel that provides the blockbusters and greatest hits of the time.


This is a famous free movie download website. It is an extensive list of old, vintage as well as new content that includes TV shows and movies. It lists the movies for visitors with a specific genre menu, making it easier to find the movies of interest for the visitors.

The most visited of these include Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, Comedy, Adventure, War, Cartoon, and Drama. Do give a try to find the movies that you should not be missing. The site also provides a mobile-specific application with the name Classic UHF you can check that out as well.

Final Words

We have provided you the top 15 movie download websites for Mobile, Laptops, and computers.  This is a long list but does not include all the sites available out there.

Moreover, access to some sites might be restricted in your geographical area owing to legal and copyright issues. By using a VPN all of these sites can be opened on mobiles and other gadgets. Enjoy your favorites.

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