Kondraal Paavam OTT Realease Date and More

Kondraal Paavam OTT release

In this post, you will read about Kondraal Paavam OTT, its release date, OTT platform, cast, the storyline of the movie, and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • Kondraal Paavam OTT is anticipated to be available in late April or early May 2023.
  • Kondraal Paavam OTT is anticipated to be launched on Netflix
  • The film was shot in less than two weeks.


You will get to see intense and submersed performances and screenplay by the lead and supporting stars which gives a sensation of desire, unpredictability, betrayal, selfishness, and lust. The writer and director Dayal Padmanabhan have scripted an interesting thriller with a female lead role playing a negative character.


It is centered on the story of a family of cotton farmers living in poverty, in a rural place where the land is owned by the landlord. The owner’s wrath and torment are rained upon the poor family incessantly, leading them into despair. Amidst this chaos, a young handsome man with luggage of valuables stumbles into their life seeking shelter one night.

Mallika – the daughter of the farmer- who is past her prime youth, is in a state of desperation and frustration due to poor conditions. Her father owes the lender some money, who has come to collect his debt that night and to exploit Mallika next time if not paid on his next visit.

Given this state of affairs, Mallika hatches the plan to kill the young man, sell off his valuables and get her family out of this financial turmoil. You will get to see a pivoting climax

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The lead female role of Mallika is played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the movie, while the lead male role is played by Santosh Prathap. The supporting roles have shown finesse in their characters. Be it the character of the blind man played by Sendrayan or the character of Charle as an addicted father – both characters are worth the praise.

The film is produced by Manoj Kumar and Pratap Krishna and by the production company of Einfach Studios. The writer and director are Dayal Padmnabham.


The movie has recently been premiered in cinemas for the audience. At the moment, Kondraal Paavam is not available on any OTT platform, however, rumor has it that it will be available on Netflix in the near future in the month of April or May.

Movie NameKondraal Paavam
OTT PlatformAnticipated to be Netflix
OTT Release DateAnticipated to be late April or early May
Cinema Release Date (in Tamil Nadu)10 March 2023
DirectorDayal Padmnabham


The movie trailer premiered on 1 March 2023



What is the Kondraal Paavam OTT release date?

The Kondraal Paavam OTT release date is anticipated to be in late April or early May.

What is the best place to watch Kondraal Paavam?

The OTT platform, once it’s available.

Which company bought Kondraal Paavam OTT rights?

Netflix is expected to acquire the OTT rights.

Is Kondraal Paavam a flop or a hit?

The IMDb rating so far is 8.0 and the movie is yet to make its box office and OTT earnings.

Can I watch Kondraal Paavam on Netflix?

Expected in or after the last week of April.

Can I watch Kondraal Paavam on Prime Videos?

No, Prime video does not offer Kondraal Paavam streaming service

Can I watch Kondraal Paavam on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer this movie.

Can I watch Kondraal Paavam on Hotstar?

No, Kondraal Paavam is not acquired digitally by Hotstar.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Final thoughts:

It is an excellent movie for suspense thriller and crime genre fans of the Tamil film industry. It has powerful characters with a heart-wrenching and intense climax, led by Mallika.

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Kondraal Paavam OTT Realease Date and More
Kondraal Paavam OTT

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