Get to know about d3 tamil movie ott and much more!

In this post, we bring you information about the much anticipated D3 Tamil movie OTT release data, its storyline, cast and about its OTT platform

Key takeaways:

  • No official announcement has been reported about acquiring digital rights to D3 movie by an OTT platform.
  • The D3 Tamil movie OTT release date is yet to be announced.
  • Stay tuned for more updates.


The movie is an investigative crime thriller which was affected by the pandemic, resulting in halting the shooting of the movie midway. The director Balaaji took inspiration from real-life incidents which were not common man’s knowledge.


The movie takes place in the quaint police station of D3, situated in the scenic town of Kutralam, Tamil Nadu. You will see an astute inspector Vikram as the protagonist, who unravels a series of connected kidnapping and homicide cases which were initially dismissed as a sheer accident.

As Vikram delves into an accident case, he senses that there is more to it than it meets the naked eye. He investigates a hit-and-run case where the eye-witness claims that there was rather something unusual about the deceased victim who had walked towards the lorry.

Vikram recalls a similar statement recorded by an eyewitness of a case of similar nature. As he pieces the clues together, Vikram realizes that the victims had been in a pseudo-trance state when they walk into the traffic. With his investigative intuition and deductive abilities, Vikram sets out to solve the case and bring the culprits to justice.

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The lead role of an intuitive police inspector, Vikram is played by Prajin. It was his debut experience in terms of performing a role of a cop and has given his blood and sweat for an immersive experience

The melodramatic lead female character Maya, Vikram’s spouse is performed by Vidya Pradeep. Other lead supporting roles are performed by Charlie, Rahul Madhav and Abhishek Kumar.

The production company for this movie is Bmass Entertainment. The screenplay writer and director is Balaaji.


Movie NameD3
OTT PlatformTo be announced
OTT Release DateTo be announced
Cinema Release Date17 March 2023
Digital RightsTo be announced
Satellite RightsTo be announced
Lead StarsPrajin, Vidya Pradeep, Charlie and Rahul Madhav


The official movie trailer premiered on 5 November 2022.


What is the D3 OTT release date?

The OTT release date is yet to be announced

What is the best place to watch?

For now, it is can be watched in cinemas.

Which company bought OTT rights?

No announcement has been made in this regard.

Is the D3 movie a flop or a hit?

Despite a sound thriller story, the movie has only been able to receive a ranking 5.6 on IMDb. The critics highlight that the movie has an unfulfilling climax and screenplay.

Can I watch it on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix right now

Can I watch it on Prime Videos?

No, it is not available on Prime Videos right now.

Can I watch on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer this movie.

Can I watch it on Hotstar?

No, it is not acquired digitally by Hotstar.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Final thoughts:

In our opinion, the performances of the lead and supporting roles are certainly a highlight of the film, however, the overall story and climax left much to be desired. The pacing seemed to be uneven and disjointed with the narrative losing focus at times. Despite the flaws, the stars brought depth and nuance to their respective characters, making the most of the weak screenplay.

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Get to know about d3 tamil movie ott and much more!
D3 tamil movie ott

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