Information About Charlie 777 OTT Release Date, Platform and Much More!

This movie will definitely take you on an emotional rollercoaster.  Read this post to know more about Charlie 777 OTT release data, its storyline, cast and about the OTT platform it will be released.

Key takeaways:

  • The digital rights of Charlie 777 have been acquired by Voot Select and Amazon Prime Videos.
  • It has a unique storyline which is why it has received an extraordinary reception from viewers.


I think that the movie’s essence is best reflected in this quote by Thom Jones, “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.”

If you have read the quote, you might already have an impression of what the movie is about. Charlie 777 portrays the beautiful relationship between humans and their pets. The movie is basically an emotional melodrama and adventure-comedy with a well-thought message. It is hailed as a top-tier Kannada language film.

The movie budget for the production of Charlie 777 movie was 20 crores. Since its premiere in cinemas, it has earned more than 105 crores at the box office.


The movie plot features a cute young Labrador puppy who flees in a wounded condition after being cruelly treated by some hounds in the breeder’s facility. Stumbling around in the heavy downpour, it reaches the doorsteps of Dharma’s house, located in Chinmaya town.

Dharma is shown as a belligerent, irresponsible, carefree and reclusive orphan living a mundane and unambitious lifestyle. As you would expect, the puppy roams around Dharma stealthily as his shadow. Dharma tends to the puppy’s need to heal its wounds and eventually named him Charlie after the renowned comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Over time, Dharma is told by a veterinarian that Charlie suffers from Hemangiosarcoma of the Spleen, a type of cancer. Unfortunately, Charlie’s health further deteriorates. Having said that, Dharma embarks on a journey to strengthen the bond by fulfilling Charlie’s desire to romp in the fresh snow during the travels. In doing so, Dharma’s attitude towards life changes.  

Charlies draws its last breath and Dharma embraces the agony following the demise of the only creature that loves him. After a few months, Dharma and his friends establish an animal sanctuary in memory of Charlie.

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The dog Charlie is known as Charlie in its life. The lead male role of Dharma as a grumpy and lonely individual is performed by Rakshit Shetty. The lead female role of Devika Aradhya has been performed by Sangeetha Sringeri.

The music is deemed mellifluous and blissful and was composed by Nobin Paul. The script is written and directed by the debutant director Kiranraj K.


Movie Name777 Charlie
OTT PlatformVoot Select/ Amazon Prime Videos
Digital RightsVoot Select
OTT Release Date29 July 2022
Satellite RightsColors Kennada
Cinema Release Date10 June 2022
Lead StarsCharlie (Labrador dog), Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri
DirectorKiranraj K
LanguageOriginally in Kannada, dubs available in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam


The official movie trailer premiered on 16 May 2022. It has bagged more than 36 million views so far. The trailer received positive feedback from YouTube.
The official movie trailer of 777 Charlie


What is the OTT release date of the Charlie 777 movie?

The OTT release date is 29 July 2022. The movie is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

What is the best place to watch?

Any place of your convenience.

Which company bought OTT rights?

The digital rights have been acquired by Voot Select OTT and Amazon Prime Videos.

Is Charlie 777 movie a flop or a hit?

The IMDb rating so far is 8.8 which in our opinion an extraordinary rating. The box office performance of the movie has been exceptional so far. It is safe to consider the movie a hit.

Can I watch it on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix right now

Can I watch it on Prime Videos?

Yes, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Videos.

Can I watch on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer this movie.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

Final thoughts:

777 Charlie is full of tear-drop moments as well as a fair amount of comedy which takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride, with an important underlying message addressing the human-animal bond, animal abuse, and loneliness that we experience, as well as the sense of purpose which comes with love and affection in one’s life.

We definitely recommend you watch this unique movie.

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Information About Charlie 777 OTT Release Date, Platform and Much More!
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