Ayodhi Movie OTT Release Date, Platform and More

Ayodhi movie OTT

Are you looking for a movie to watch that has a lasting impression on its audience? Look no further and read this post. This post tells you about the recently released Ayodhi movie released by the Kollywood film industry in the Tamil language. This post highlights the Ayodhi OTT release date, along with information about its OTT release platform, storyline, cast crew, OTT digital rights, and much more.


  • Ayodhi movie OTT release date is set to be 31 March 2023
  • The OTT release platform is will be Zee5


Ayodhi movie is in the Tamil language. It is a thriller and melodrama genre movie based on true events. The synopsis of the movie is to be considerate of humanity and humility rather than the prevalent plagues of divisions caused by religions, caste, and race. It is a movie full of emotions, feelings, and even an excellent climax with getting goosebumps. The credit goes to the amazing performance of the cast as well as the efforts of the director.


The writer Manthira Moorthy has taken a bold stance in the storyline of the Ayodhi movie. The captivating plot reflects on multiple dimensions of religion, the sloppy government justice system, the influence of caste and creed, the prevalence of gender inequality, and the positivity of humanity to help each other in distress.

The story is about a family of four, having a traditional religious, chauvinistic and conservative father, Balram, as the head of the household. On their way to an annual spiritual trip to Rameswaram, a stranger helps the family when Janki, wife of Balram sustains serious injuries. Unfortunately, she dies on her way to the hospital. Despite facing several challenges, Sasikumar and his friend Pugazh assist the family in taking the mother’s body back to their hometown.

Despite a simple plot and a small cast of characters, Ayodhi manages to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. The director skillfully presents the characters in a realistic manner, and Sasikumar’s heroism is subtly portrayed. The movie also has several heart-warming moments that will resonate with the viewers


The lead stars in Ayodhi movie are M. Sasikumar, Preethi Asrani, Pugazh and Yashpal Sharma.


Although the movie was released on 3 March 2023, however, Ayodhi movie OTT release date is scheduled on 31 March 2023. More details are given below.

Movie NameAyodhi
OTT PlatformZee5
OTT Release Date31 March 2023
Cinema Release Date3 March 2023
Lead StarsMaster Advaith, Preethi Asrani, Pugazh, M. Sasikumar, Yashpal Sharma, Bose Venka
ProducerTrident Arts Ravindran
Director and writerManthira Moorthy
Film IndustryKollywood
Budget6 crores
Earning since cinema release in India2 crores


The official trailer of the movie premiered on 15 January 2023 by Saregama Tamil. The official trailer has received more than 1.1 million views as of today since its premiere.

The trailer begins with a dialogue which many find contentious and many would find to have veracity in it. It quotes, “Among the living things in this world, human beings are the worst of them all”.


What is the Ayodhi OTT release date?

What is the Ayodhi OTT release date?

What is the best place to watch this movie?

We would say a cosy place for such a movie.

Which company bought Ayodhi OTT rights?

Zee5 has bought the Ayodhi OTT rights

Is this film a flop or a hit?

The movie has received a rating of 8.6 on IMDb so far. The budget of the movie was about 6 crores, and it will need to earn at least 9 crores to call it a hit. The movie is definitely not a flop

Can I watch Ayodhi on Netflix?

Netflix does not offer Ayodhi movie to watch

Can I watch it on Prime Videos?

Prime Videos does not offer Ayodhi movie to watch.

Can I watch it on Aha Video?

Aha video does not offer Ayodhi movie to watch

Can I watch it on Hotstar?

No, Ayodhi movie is not acquired digitally by Hotstar.

What does OTT stand for?

OTT stands for Over the Top Platform. Examples are Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos


As in life, this movie has multiple characters introduced and associated with multiple subplots and events in simple, exhilarating and melodramatic ways. Not to spoil the movie for you, but we think that the roles played by the actors befit their characters, and the audience is able to relate and connect to many of the real-life situations.

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Ayodhi Movie OTT Release Date, Platform and More
Ayodhi movie ott

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